Mailing Lists

The Jenkins project uses mailing lists to communicate. These mailing lists are organized by topic (see below). Posting to the wrong mailing list will just result in your message being ignored. Please strive to be clear and concise when sending messages. How to ask questions the smart way.

To subscribe to a mailing list, send an empty email to the "subscribe" email address. ​

Due to heavy spam volume, we have enabled moderation of a user’s first post on some of these lists. This may result in delays in delivering your first email to these lists. For this reason, you should not re-send your email if it doesn’t appear on the list straight away.

English-language discussion lists

Mailing list for users of Jenkins. Post your questions on how to use Jenkins and Jenkins plugins here.

If you’re not sure which list is correct, post here.

Mailing list to contact Jenkins board members

Mailing list for developers of Jenkins. Post your Jenkins core development and plugin development questions here, as well as topics related to project governance.

Questions that should be asked on the jenkinsci-users list will be ignored. That means your email will be moderated and not posted to the list. Do not cross-post.

Mailing list for events, meet-ups, outreach programs, and fostering local communities.

Mailing list for operations and infrastructure.

Feb 2020, Mailing list was moved from Mailman to google groups. Legacy Archives

Mailing list for collaborating on Jenkins user and developer documentation.

Mailing list for collaborating on Jenkins user experience, design, and web interfaces.

Discussion lists in other languages

Jenkins grupo de usuários em Português do Brasil


Jenkins users list in Korean

Jenkins 中文用户及开发者邮件组

Read-only lists

Security Advisory announcements are sent to this list. More about security in Jenkins

Automated core and plugin commit notifications.

Automated notifications from JIRA (JENKINS project only).

Special Interest Groups Mailing Lists

Mailing list for Advocacy and Outreach group.

Mailing list for Chinese Localization group.

Mailing list for Cloud Native group.

Mailing list for Documentation group.

Mailing list for Google Summer of Code group.

Mailing list for Hardware and EDA group.

Mailing list for Pipeline Authoring group.

Mailing list for Platform group.

Mailing list for User Experience group.