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AWS Parameter Store Build Wrapper

withAWSParameterStore: With AWS Parameter Store

Populates build environment variables with entries from the AWS Parameter Store. Advanced configuration allows the use of AWS Parameter Store hierarchies.
  • credentialsId (optional)
    AWS credentials used for accessing AWS Parameter Store. If set to --none--, uses the default credentials provider chain to search for credentials in the environment, file system or associated IAM role.
    • Type: String
  • namePrefixes (optional)
    Filters the parameter names by prefix - only active if Path is empty.
    • Type: String
  • naming (optional)
    How the environment variable is derived from the path:
    • basename - anything after the last '/' is the variable name (e.g. with path /service, parameter /service/app/param becomes PARAM)
    • relative - anything after the path is the variable name (e.g. with path /service, parameter /service/app/param becomes APP_PARAM)
    • absolute - the full path with parameter name is the variable name (e.g. with path /service, parameter /service/app/param becomes SERVICE_APP_PARAM)
    • Type: String
  • path (optional)
    A path hierarchy to search. If your AWS Parameter Store entries are stored as paths /path1/path2/parameter, then you can filter on a hierarchy such as /path1 or /path1/path2.
    • Type: String
  • recursive (optional)
    If checked and Path is set to a hierarchy, the full hierarchy is searched. Otherwise only the parameters at the root of the hierarchy are exposed.
    • Type: boolean
  • regionName (optional)
    The AWS region to use when querying AWS Parameter Store.
    • Type: String

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