This special interest group offers a venue for all kinds of platform support discussions: Java, Operating Systems, Architectures, Docker, Packaging, Web Containers, etc. The SIG works on defining platform support policies, coordinating platform support efforts with contributors and external communities, and reviewing proposals in the area.

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The special interest group offers a venue for all kinds of platform support discussions: Java, Operating Systems, Architectures, Docker, Packaging, Web Containers, etc.

The group focuses on technologies used in Jenkins:

  • Java Virtual Machines: versions, compatibility and optimizations

  • Operating Systems: native components, packaging

  • Architectures and platforms

  • Web Containers

Platform SIG may be cooperating with other groups. For example, we will be cooperating with the Cloud-Native Jenkins group on topics related to Cloud-Native platforms like Kubernetes or Docker.


  • Defining platform support policies (e.g. “defining Windows support policy”)

  • Coordinating effort on new platform support (e.g. JEP-211: Java 11 Support in Jenkins)

  • Working with external communities on better platform support and packaging (e.g. ARM architecture support, adapting RedHat packaging to best practices, using systemd, etc.)

  • Reviewing JEPs submitted in the area


This section lists the key initiatives being handled by the Platform SIG. See the SIG meeting notes for more information about the ongoing projects. See the Jenkins Project roadmap for a

Docker images

Jenkins project ships official controller and agent images, and we would like to offer Wide support of platforms and architectures there. Scope of interest:

  • Enabling official images to run on Arm, IBM s390x, and other platforms

  • Official controller and agent images for Windows

  • Support Multi-architecture Docker images

  • Enabling continuous delivery for Jenkins packaging

    • Experimental DockerHub organization and deployments from (JEP-217)

Plugin management

We are interested to improve plugin management experience in Jenkins. To do that, we work on new tools for Jenkins users and maintainers. Scope of interest:

Java support

In our SIG we are interested to offer a wide range of supported JVMs. See the current list of supported versions here. Scope of interest:

  • Maintaining Java 11 support in Jenkins and driving its adoption

  • Migration to Eclipse Temurin in Docker images

  • Support for future mainstream JVM versions (Java 17)

  • Support for perspective virtual machines like GraalVM or Quarkus, including native executable packaging

Windows support

Many Jenkins users run controller or agents on Windows. We are interested to support modern Windows platforms and to offer official distributions for the platform. Scope of interest:


We have regular meetings on Fridays every two weeks, at 15:00 UTC. See the Jenkins Event Calendar for the schedule. At these meetings we discuss projects, share presentations, and demonstrate new capabilities. Meetings are conducted and recorded via Zoom and archived to the Jenkins YouTube channel in the Platform SIG play list. Participant links are posted in the SIG Gitter Chat 10 minutes before the meeting starts.

Meeting Agendas

Meeting agendas and meeting notes for the SIG are posted in this Google Document. Anyone is welcome to add a topic for an upcoming meeting by suggesting a change in the agenda.

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