The following plugin provides functionality available through Pipeline-compatible steps. Read more about how to integrate steps into your Pipeline in the Steps section of the Pipeline Syntax page.

For a list of other such plugins, see the Pipeline Steps Reference page.

BearyChat Plugin

bearychatSend: Send BearyChat Message

Simple step for sending a BearyChat message to specified channel.
Use the advanced settings to override the BearyChat Plugin global configuration to include: webhook and channel.
Please see the BearyChat Plugin global configuration for more details on the fields. Usage Example:
bearychatSend "Build Started - ${env.JOB_NAME} ${env.BUILD_NUMBER} (<${env.BUILD_URL}|Open>)"
  • message
    This is the main text in a message attachment, and can contain standard message markup. The content will automatically collapse if it contains 700+ characters or 5+ linebreaks, and will display a "Show more..." link to expand the content. Message may include global variables, for example environment and currentBuild variables:
    bearychatSend "Started [${env.JOB_NAME} #${env.BUILD_NUMBER}](${env.BUILD_URL})"
    • Type: String
  • attachmentText (optional)
    Add an optional attachment text for BearyChat Message. bearychatSend message: "Job ${env.JOB_NAME} Failed", color: "#ff0000", attachmentText: "Exception: NullPointerException"
    • Type: String
  • channel (optional)
    Allows overriding the BearyChat Plugin channel specified in the global configuration.
    bearychatSend channel: "#channel-name", message: "Build Started: ${env.JOB_NAME} ${env.BUILD_NUMBER}"
    • Type: String
  • color (optional)
    An optional value that can either be one of green, red, grey, yellow, or any hex color code (eg. #439FE0). This value is used to color the border along the left side of the message attachment. (So you must use with `attachmentText`)
    bearychatSend color: "#439FE0", attachmentText: "Build Started: ${env.JOB_NAME} ${env.BUILD_NUMBER}"
    • Type: String
  • failOnError (optional)
    If set to true, then the step will abort the Workflow run if there is an error sending message.
    bearychatSend failOnError: true, message: "Build Started: ${env.JOB_NAME} ${env.BUILD_NUMBER}"
    • Type: boolean
  • notification (optional)
    • Type: String
  • title (optional)
    Add attachment title for BearyChat message. bearychatSend title: "${env.JOB_NAME} #{env.JOB_NUMBER}", url: "{env.BUILD_URL}"
    • Type: String
  • url (optional)
    You can specify a URL for attachment title. bearychatSend title: "${env.JOB_NAME} #{env.JOB_NUMBER}", url: "{env.BUILD_URL}"
    • Type: String
  • webhook (optional)
    Allows overriding the Bearychat Plugin Webhook URL specified in the global configuration.
    • Type: String

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