The following plugin provides functionality available through Pipeline-compatible steps. Read more about how to integrate steps into your Pipeline in the Steps section of the Pipeline Syntax page.

For a list of other such plugins, see the Pipeline Steps Reference page.

Bitbucket Server Notifier

notifyBitbucket: Notify Bitbucket Instance

  • buildName (optional)
    If not empty, this will overwrite the default build name sent to Bitbucket.
    • Type: String
  • buildStatus (optional)
    If not empty, this status will be sent to Bitbucket instead of the currentBuild.result.
    • Type: String
  • commitSha1 (optional)
    Enter a 40-digit SHA1 commit id or a Jenkins variable prefixed with '$' (e. g. $GIT_COMMIT) when you want the notification to be attached to a specific commit in Bitbucket. If left empty, Jenkins will use the commit that was built by the Git plugin.
    • Type: String
  • considerUnstableAsSuccess (optional)
    Consider unstable builds as success, besides the test errors.
    • Type: boolean
  • credentialsId (optional)
    • Type: String
  • disableInprogressNotification (optional)
    Disable sending pre-build notification to Bitbucket
    • Type: boolean
  • ignoreUnverifiedSSLPeer (optional)
    Check this if you need to connect by HTTPS to a Bitbucket server that uses an invalid or self-signed SSL certificate
    • Type: boolean
  • includeBuildNumberInKey (optional)

    Check this if you want results of repeated builds of the same commit to show up in Bitbucket as a list of builds. If unchecked, Bitbucket will only display the latest build result.

    • Type: boolean
  • prependParentProjectKey (optional)
    Whether to prepend parent project while forming notify key
    • Type: boolean
  • projectKey (optional)
    If not empty, this key will be used instead of automatically configured project key
    • Type: String
  • stashServerBaseUrl (optional)
    The base URL of the Bitbucket server to notify. Examples are:
    • http://localhost:7990, or
    • Type: String

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