The following plugin provides functionality available through Pipeline-compatible steps. Read more about how to integrate steps into your Pipeline in the Steps section of the Pipeline Syntax page.

For a list of other such plugins, see the Pipeline Steps Reference page.

VSTest Runner plugin

vsTest: Run unit tests with VSTest.console

  • cmdLineArgs (optional)
    • Type: String
  • enablecodecoverage (optional)

    Enables data diagnostic adapter CodeCoverage in the test run.
    Default settings are used if not specified using settings file.

    Command Line Argument: /Enablecodecoverage

    • Type: boolean
  • failBuild (optional)
    • Type: boolean
  • framework (optional)

    Target .NET Framework version to be used for test execution.
    Valid values are Framework35, Framework40 and Framework45.

    Command Line Argument: /Framework: [ framework version ]

    • Type: String
  • inIsolation (optional)

    Runs the tests in an isolated process.
    This makes vstest.console.exe process less likely to be stopped on an error in the tests, but tests might run slower.

    • Type: boolean
  • logger (optional)

    Specify a logger for test results. For example, to log results into a Visual Studio Test Results File (TRX) use /Logger:trx.

    Command Line Argument: /Logger:[ uri/friendlyname ]

    • Type: String
  • platform (optional)

    Target platform architecture to be used for test execution.
    Valid values are x86, x64 and ARM.

    • Type: String
  • settings (optional)

    Run tests with additional settings such as data collectors.
    Example: Local.RunSettings

    Command Line Argument: /Settings:[ file name ]

    • Type: String
  • testCaseFilter (optional)

    Run tests that match the given expression.
    <Expression> is of the format <property>=<value>[||<Expression>].
    Example: TestCategory=Nightly||Name=Namespace.ClassName.MethodName

    The TestCaseFilter command line option cannot be used with the Tests command line option.

    Command Line Argument: /TestCaseFilter:[ expression ]

    • Type: String
  • testFiles (optional)

    Specify the path to your VSTest compiled assemblies.
    You can specify multiple test assemblies by separating them with new-line or space.

    • Type: String
  • tests (optional)

    Run tests with names that match the provided values.
    To provide multiple values, separate them by commas.
    Example: TestMethod1,testMethod2

    The /Tests command line option cannot be used with the /TestCaseFilter command line option.

    Command Line Argument: /Tests:[ test name ]

    • Type: String
  • useVs2017Plus (optional)

    This makes adjustments to the arguments for the sake of compatibility with Visual Studio 2017+.

    Command Line Argument: /UseVs2017Plus:true

    • Type: boolean
  • useVsixExtensions (optional)

    This makes vstest.console.exe process use or skip the VSIX extensions installed (if any) in the test run.

    Command Line Argument: /UseVsixExtensions:true

    • Type: boolean
  • vsTestName (optional)
    • Type: String

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