[Editor’s Note: For the past few weeks Jenkins community member Charles Lowell has been working with Kohsuke on adding support for building plugins in Ruby. As part of this effort, Charles has been hosting weekly hack sessions via WebEx]

As always, last night’s Ruby Plugins hack session was a pleasure. Below is a quick notation of what items were discussed and/or accomplished followed by next steps to be taken my those in attendance.


  • Ruby Plugin project structure and how to bundle into an .hpi file.

  • Review of the new XSTREAM serialization method

  • API for marking fields as transient

  • What mods, if any, are required to get .hpl to work with Ruby plugin

Next Steps


  • to research what can be shared between JRuby ScriptingContainers

  • API for unmarshaling hooks on serialized ruby objects

  • Change the name of the repo :)

  • Document…​ something!


  • test more view functions

  • add debug mode outside of hpi:run

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