[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Jenkins community member Tom Rini]

Alternatively: How to make your parallel jobs kick one last job at the end

Many of us have had occasion to think: "I could make this project build quicker if I could just run parts in parallel and then one final job to wrap it up."

Well, good news! Jenkins is here to help! With the Join Plugin you can do just that. Over on the confluence page it’s got a number of examples and fancy flow charts. But the take-away is that if you can describe the flow, you can make it happen. But you’re saying "wait, I need to pass information around between the jobs."

We’ve got that one covered for you too with the Parameterized Trigger Plugin. And here’s the best part, these two can work together! With both plugins installed you can follow the steps listed in the Build Parameters section of the Join Plugin.


And as they say, now you’re cooking with gas!

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R. Tyler Croy has been part of the Jenkins project for the past seven years. While avoiding contributing any Java code, Tyler is involved in many of the other aspects of the project which keep it running, such as this website, infrastructure, governance, etc.