Over the past 30 days or so, the acceptance test project has made a great progress.

This project consists of a reusable harness that can be used by plugin developers and users to write functional test cases. These tests can be run against Jenkins instances that are deployed in all sorts of different ways, and can interact with complex real fixtures. These tests can be also run with specific version of Jenkins core and a combination of plugins.

The number of tests have steadily increased to above 300. Several of those are by Michael Prankl, where he tests the LDAP plugin with the real OpenLDAP server instance that runs inside Docker — a kind of test that just wasn’t possible before can be now easily written.

More than a dozen people have contributed. A dozen changes are going in every single day, and more are coming — for example, Stephen is working on modularizing this harness and adding new pieces that allow people to do scalability and load testing. That’ll be a part of this effort soon.

If you are one of the large scale users who are interested in automating some of your Jenkins acceptance testing, please drop us a note at the DEV list so that we can work together. You can also watch the recording of our last office hours where I demoed how you’d develop a test on top of this:

I think we all agree that this is an important effort/ Looking forward to joining the efforts with more people in the community!

About the Author
Kohsuke Kawaguchi

Kohsuke is the creator of Jenkins.