This blog post is about our phase 3 progress on GitHub Checks API Project, you can find our previous blog posts for phase 1 and phase 2.

At the end of this summer, the GSoC journey for GitHub Checks API Project comes to an end as well. In this blog post, I’ll show you our works during the last month:

  • Pipeline Support

  • Rerun Request Support

  • Git SCM Support

  • Documentation

All the above features will be available in our planned 1.0.0 version of Checks API Plugin and GitHub Checks Plugin.

Coding Phase 3 Demo

Pipeline Support

The pipeline support allows users to directly publish checks in their pipeline script without depending on any other consumers.

Pipeline Checks

The check in the above screenshot is published by script:

publishChecks name: 'pipeline check', title: 'pipeline ', summary: '# A pipeline check example',
        text: "## This check is published through the pipeline script",
        detailsURL: ''

If you want to publish checks to GitHub, please install the GitHub implementation and refer to the GitHub API documentation for the requirements for each field. A default value (build link) for detailsURL will be provided automatically.

This feature can be useful when many stages exist in your pipeline script and each takes a long time: you can publish a check for each stage to keep track of the build.

Rerun Request Support

The rerun request allows GitHub users to rerun the failed builds. When a build failed (which leads to a failed check), a Re-run button will be added automatically by GitHub.

Failed Checks

By clicking the Re-run button, Jenkins will reschedule a build for the last commit of this branch.

Since all checks of a commit are produced by a single build, you don’t have to rerun all failed checks, just rerun any one of the failed check will refresh all checks.

Git SCM Support

Thanks to Ullrich's great help, the GitHub Checks Plugin now supports Git SCM. This means now you can publish checks for your freestyle project or any other projects that use Git SCM.


Consumers Guide and Implementation Guide are now available. As a Jenkins developer, you can now start consuming our API or even providing an implementation for other SCM platforms beside GitHub.


The whole GitHub Checks API project is started as a Google Summer of Code project. Much appreciate my mentors (Tim and Ullrich) for their great help during the whole summer. Also huge thanks to the Jenkins GSoC SIG and the whole community for the technique support and resources.

About the Author
Kezhi Xiong

Jenkins Google Summer of Code 2020 Student. Kezhi is an open source enthusiast who enjoys sharing ideas with other developers. He started contributing to Jenkins in March 2020. Currently, he is working on GitHub Checks API Plugin.