Referencing another project by name

In many places throughout Jenkins, you can refer to another project/job by name. For example, in a Pipeline Script, you might want to copy artifacts from another project:

copyArtifacts projectName: 'myproject'

That’s all you need to do if your target project’s name is simply alphanumeric, and is a simple project without subprojects, and has a unique name throughout your entire Jenkins instance. Read on for more complex scenarios…

Differentiating between multiple projects with the same name

If you’re using the Folders Plugin and you have multiple projects with the same name that are in different folders, you can differentiate between them using a path, similar to a Unix filesystem path. There are two types of paths:

Absolute paths

Absolute paths begin with a forward slash, and refer to a project by describing the complete path to navigate to the project from the home page of your Jenkins instance. For example, to reference a project in the root of your Jenkins instance:


Or, to reference a project in a subfolder:


Relative paths

Relative paths begin with something other than a forward slash, and refer to another project in relation to the current project. For example, say you have projects with the following absolute paths:


In a Pipeline Script for /folder/subfolder/myproject, you could refer to /folder/subfolder/anotherproject using this relative path:


And you could refer to /folder/someproject using this relative path, where .. means to look in the parent folder:


And you could refer to /thatproject using this relative path:


Referencing components inside projects

Some types of projects — such as Maven projects, Matrix projects, and Multibranch projects — have subcomponents. You can refer to these subcomponents as follows:

Maven projects

You can refer to an entire Maven project:


Or to a group within a Maven project:


Or to a particular module:


Matrix projects

You can refer to all configurations of a Matrix project:


Or to a particular configuration, restricted by a axis:


Or restricted by multiple axes:


Multibranch Pipelines

You can refer to a particular branch:


Name encoding

Special characters in paths should be URL-encoded. For example, if your Multibranch Pipeline has a branch with a slash in it (feature/myfeature), replace the slash with %2F:


For developers of Jenkins and Jenkins Plugins

See the Jenkins::getItem() function.

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